Monday, April 06, 2009

赤福, Ise Japan

One of the most famous sweet from Ise - 赤福

It's made by rice (mochi) coated by red bean paste. It's rather sweet hence goes very well with green tea (mocha).

This is 2 sets - one with sweet red bean soup and mochi.

Must try it when you visit Ise.

The shop is located in the main shopping street close to the Ise inner shrine. You won't miss the shop, cos there is always long queue outside the shop!

Nagatokan 長門館, Toba Japan

Discovered this restaurant by chance when I was wondering in a small seaside town - Toba

Toba is famous for it's pearl industry as well as for it's seafood. We ordered to grilled oysters. They are rather big and very juicy and sweet. Love it! It's so simple and straight forward.

I had oysters cooked with miso source. Have never had so many oysters once in my life. I can't remember the price now but it's not expensive at all from the quality of the food! yum!

website: www.

address: 517-0011三重縣鳥羽市鳥羽 1-10-45

ps. This restaurant close at 19:00.

Yabaton, Nagoya Japan

The most famous fried pork rice in Nagoya - Yabaton

It has 60 years history and probably the best fried pork I have ever had. The fried pork is so crispy and top with Nagoya special dark colour and sweet miso source. It tastes even better with loads cabbage salad topping!

It's a must when you visit Nagoya.

The restaurant's official website:

The address of the first opening restaurant: 名古屋市中区大須 3-6-18 (close on Sunday)

However, to avoid queue there are many branches:

Thursday, March 05, 2009

京煎堂, Gion Kyoto

Walked pass by this place and saw the display by the window couldn't resist it!

Order this set with rice cake in red been sweet soup and a huge green tea ice cream sundae. It was sooooo good!

Price - 1350 yen (9 pounds)

Add: 京都市山東區四条通花見小路東入紙園盯南側565-1

Saturday, February 28, 2009

天周, Kyoto Japan

This small restaurant is from outside is nothing. I walked right pass it, when I visited Kyoto last time. Thank a colleague who knows Kyoto fairly well, who brought me to this famous eel tempura place.

Their menu is simple and straight forward - only 4 choices. We all went for the famous eel tempura with rice. It's soooooo nice! And the price is rather fair - 1100 yen (6 pounds)!

The only thing is you have to queue for this restaurant, however the queue moves quite fast! Also, you smells like tempura after coming out from the restaurant! Despite all these, I love this restaurant and will definetly pay my visit again!

Opening time: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm


Friday, November 14, 2008

Gorakadan, Hakone Japan

Visit this traditional Ryokan at Hakone with a friend. Here are the pictures of the dinner.
2nd starter - sushi
I guess this one is fried..
Sliced beef with asparagus
V interesting - green tea sald!
Poached peach with chestuts. It's really nice!
It's a really nice Ryokan and it 'was' a really nice meal apart from the ending is not always happy ever after.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ekibeto, Kyoto - Nagoya Japan

Had this lovely Ekibeto on the train back from Kyoto to Nagoya. It's really quite good.
Each sushi is covered by leaves.
Will definitly have this again.

Kasagi-ya, Kyoto Japan

Read this traditional sweet shop on a book. Luckily walked pass it.

We orderd O-hagi which is recommended by the book. O-hagi is made with sticky rice centre and a coating of sweet red azuki beans. It's quite interesting.
Also we had red azuki beans with white machi

This shop is so small and cute. Love it!!!

Add: 349 Masuta-cho, Kodai-ji, Higashiyama-ku

Yoshi-ima Ryokan, Kyoto Japan

Visited Kyoto for a long weekend. My first time in Kyoto, love it!!!

Stayed at this traditional Japanese hotel (Ryokan) for 2 nights. They serve breakfast and dinner in our room, v cool.

The first night we were served Kaizeki style dinner.


Grilled salmon



The second night, we were served sukiyaki....ymmm.....

The process of cooking it.....

And the breakfast..... t's such a lovely Ryokan. Definitly recommend this ryokan if you happen to travel to Kyoto.


Goitori, Nagoya Japan

Found this restaurant randomly, they serve local Nagoya food and much better than the famous local restaurant Yamachan.
The famous local chichen wings.
The pork stewered with Nagoya miso sauce.
And chicken stewered.Weblink:

Soba noddle 惠比壽, Takayama Japan

Takayama is also famous for handmade soba noddle. Found this restaurant which i sone of the oldest and most famous in the town.

The set is 1380 Yen and it's soooo nice!

In addition, they also have English menu.

Add: 高山市神明盯

Hida beef, Takayama Japan

Went to Takayama for a short break. Takayama is famous for the local Hida beef. Found a small restaurant for Hida beef.

A closer shot.....

The whole set was only 2500 Yen (12.5 pounds) and it was really really nice!

Will definitly go back to Takayama to have Hida beef again!

Gordon Ramsay at Conrad Tokyo, Japan

Did not have chance to visit Gordon's restaurant while I was in London. So decided to book Gordon Ramsay at Conrad Tokyo for my birthday this year.
We didn't go for set menu cos none of like what we see on the set menu (rather boring). I had the roast duck, quite nice. But I wouldn't say it's the best roast duck I have ever had.

The waiter kind of pushing us for the set menu, which was quite annoying. Also righ after we decided our orders, he even pushed us to order dessert. According to him, there is one dessert (Apple tart) on the menu which takes 1 hour to prepare. So I thought I had to order it, to see how amazing it is!!!!

And here you looks a bit like...hmmm.....

We also ordered some cheese from the trolly. The collection is rather good, esp. the local cheese.

We did had a good time there. However, if you as me whether or not the food is good enough for me to re-visit it again. I would tell you - NO!

Tiger Cafe, Nagoya Japan

This restaurant is v close to where I work and it reminds me a lot about London, due to its decor and ambiance.
They serve French good, which is rather nice for me to have a break with Japanese food. The price is quite ok. My usual meal at this restaurant are French onion soup (700y yen) with salad Nicoise (750 yen).
The service is ok. The good news is that they have English menu, however their waiting staff cannot really understand English (niether French).
Add: 1-8-26 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya

Chez Shibata, Nagoya Japan

Randomly walked pass by this shop and went in with a friend.

I fig's rather nice, not too sweet!


Friday, July 18, 2008

八代, Nagoya Japan

My very first 'okonomiyaki' experience. It's savoury pancake and have to be made by yourself i.e. DIY.

It was soooo much fun! This is the picture 'before'
This is the 'after' picture.

And we also have another kind of savour pancake called 'monjayaki'. This is the picture before again....
And this is the picture 'after'
With monjayaki you have to each with the little 'shovel'. It was so muh fun!!!
3 person, plus 4 beers and 2 glass of plum wine the bill was only about 2000 Yen (10 pounds) .